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Going beyond the traditional resume and provide a comprehensive picture of each candidate. Let’s explore how colorlines, products, schedules, pay structure, preferences, and more contribute to a successful talent and workplace match.

Power of
In-Depth Portfolio Profiles



Matching Work Culture
Comprehensive Overview of Candidate
Find the Right Balance
Aligning Expectations
Understand Team Dynamics ; Goals.


Showcase Skills & Knowledge
Highlight Education & Certifications
Expertise in Colorlines & Products
Aligning Schedules & Pay
Improve Your Work- Life Integration

Adding Personality

Personal touch adds depth to the recruitment process and ensures a harmonious work environment.

Matching the right talent with compatible schedules leads to higher productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and improved work-life integration.

By considering all the preferences and match percentages, workplaces can tailor the work-life experience to suit the individual, leading to higher job satisfaction, team engagement, and overall success.

Why Choose Comb Inc?

By going beyond the traditional resume and considering aspects such as colorlines, products, schedules, pay structure, and preferences, employers can make informed decisions and create a harmonious and productive work environment.

embrace the power of in-depth portfolio profiles and unlock the potential of talent and workplace matching like never before.


Color & PK

Demonstrate The Knowledge


Finding the Right Balance

Pay Structure

Aligning Expectations


Tailoring the Hiring Experience


No, you need to be a licensed professional talent or workplace within the beauty and grooming industry. Also reside in the United States of America.
***License registration is always verified.

includes an in-depth portfolio, private groups & forums, place opportunities, add events, sell products, and more.

Matching is a determined score on which each party has common interests, preferences, and technical style.  Comb Inc strives itself for this feature and has a forum for feedback.

Privacy is taken very seriously. You always have options on who views anything on your portfolio profile. You have the choice: Only me, My Friends, Members Only, or Public. Your portfolio profile is extremely versatile.

All membership levels have the opportunity to showcase their images and videos. Each level has a limit.

This level is achieved when you invite over a certain limit and other criteria. Join to learn more!

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