professional appearance industry

No More job boards job sites It's Not 2004...

Tired of Scrolling Through Job Boards & Sites? 

Never Finding Anything? Or find something and figure out its not for you?

This is why Comb Inc was created. 

Personal Appearance Industry life doesn’t revolve around  “sentences, fonts and paper.” 

Our world revolves around “Imaging and Style”.  How can you really know what a Business or Talent is like from some sentences?

Comb Inc takes the resume process to where it always should of been.  IMAGERY.  When you register you will fill out a form in which will describe who you are and what you want out of a business or talent prospect.  Viewing the INDEPTH PROFILES will give you more clarity of the Business or Talent. You will actually SEE who they are, SEE their work, LEARN their preferences and  understand who the Business or Talent Prospects missions are. 

the most indepth professional appearance industry profile ever online.