Need More Assistants?

Talent with Product Knowledge

Have Dress Codes?

Offer In House Education?

Specialize in Talents?

enhance your business with career talent with like minds..

Comb Inc. understands owning a business in the personal appearance industry. We recognize owners crave to retain staff. We identify how dynamic personal appearance professionals are. We know the difficulty in choosing suitable talent.

Comb Inc. is here for you.  Joining us will enhance your business with career talent with like minds which keep retention high. Becoming a member will enable you, the busy owner to spend less time worrying about talent needs and more time focusing on salon profits and education. Unlike any talent platform you have encountered, we care about your attainment and believe in fulfilling your ideal talent.

Most of the time we go in with blind perceptions, expectations, or suggestions from another talent. These assumptions can be just the opposite. Comb Inc. can help you move forward knowing you are choosing the talent you need.  Our consultation will allocate the pressure. We want to know as much as we can to make sure we place your business with the right talent. Comb Inc. will make it relaxing to find your next Superstars.

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