Need Flexibility?

Creative Freedom?

Product & Colorline?

Dress Who You Are?

Desire In House Education?

Enhance your Talents in a Career Home with Like Minds..

Comb Inc. knows the difficulty of finding a great career home. Within weeks /months, you feel you don’t fit. You get discouraged  thinking of finding another place. You left the last business thinking this was going to be a positive direction. Turned out to be the opposite.  We have been there. Comb Inc. is unlike any talent platform you have met before. We care about your accomplishment and respect your craft/art skills.  Personal appearance professionals desire creative homes  to produce and advance properly in the industry. 

Most of the time we go in with blind eyes, hunches, or reputation. These assumptions can be skewed. With you, Comb Inc. can help navigate the decisions clearer.  Before walking into the interview, you need to have your pitch down. However, not everyone does strong in live interviews. We are creative people. We want to show our creativity.