Adriane Beveridge


Adriane Beveridge has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1993. Throughout the years, she has been in dismay with all the nonfunctional ways licensed cosmetologists, and barbers find career homes and owners finding talent. It is an endless battle.  She developed Comb Inc. because of the fight. Adriane felt as most personal appearance industry professionals do. You look through resumes and job board. Scrolling til there is something you find “clicks” with you. With exhaustion you finally pick what you think will “fit.” You have an interview, everything seems reasonable, but starting you realize this isn’t the career home or talent for you.   Adriane has seen and experienced not clicking with management or blending in with the staff. Some may see this as negative, but Adriane sees it as a learning experience.  Retention is just essential to license professionals as to owners. Clients can only take so much jumping around until they get tired and leave.

Adriane has developed Comb Inc. for talent placement. It is solely for the personal appearance licensed professionals and owners. Adriane believes in finding what you need, will get you to your dream talent/career, rather than what you want.  It is kinship at its best. She developed a system where every member has to take a consultation to be able to join Comb Inc. It is a lengthy one, but it helps you in so many ways. It will stop the jumping from salon to salon/ talent vanishing and find you a career home/talent you deserve and will be excited to be a member.

Adriane’s  Credentials

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