Appendix: Business and Management Confidentiality Agreement

Business and Management Consultation

Please Answer Honestly.
If some questions do not pertain to you please write n/a.
Comb Inc. wants to find the correct kinship which meets your needs.

Confidentiality Agreement

As a condition of being a Business Member of Comb Inc. You must agree to the terms within. Comb Inc. requires you to conform to the terms before proceeding any further. Comb Inc. will uphold this agreement.

This Agreement will be legal on the date of registering with Comb Inc. By agreeing with this document, you understand and consent to the following:
1. You, The Business acknowledge you will be privy to specific Confidential Information during your membership. Even if you delete your account, this agreement still stands to upheld.
2. “Confidential Information” will, for this Agreement, refers to a salon, spa, barbershop names, owners, management, address, business, and personal information and other detailed information you receive.
3. You, the Business, will only use “Confidential Information” as it relates to your career for which you are/were interviewed, had a technical, hired or denied above.
4. You, The Business, shall not disclose any of the Confidential Information, You, The Business, learns and/or comes in contact with during membership with Comb Inc. during and after the term of employment.
5. You, the Business, will not use any “Confidential Information” for own self-interest,interests of others, during or after the term of membership, unless permission to do so is expressed given by Comb Inc. in writing.
6. When You, the Business Membership ends with Comb Inc., no matter which method of terminating membership, You the Business agrees to return any information which belongs to Comb Inc. and keep in requirements of this Agreement.
7. Any violation of this Agreement will be considered grounds for immediate termination of membership and gives Comb Inc. the right to seek legal counsel against, You, The Business.
You must agree to continue with membership.

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