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      HELLO! Thank you for Pioneering with Comb Inc.
      Welcome to the PreRelease Forum..

      There are 4 different membership levels one can choose from when Comb Inc launches live. You will see that each profile has different accessibilities and different price points.
      Crystal Free ~ Green ~. Rose Gold ~ Violet .

      All feedback will be in the PreRelease Group Activity Feed & Forum. The more you input to your portfolio profile, Activity, etc.. the quicker Comb Inc can become “live” to the Personal Appearance Industry.

      Please Note (1): Crystal Free Level is Comb Inc’s Free Level. There are portions of the site you will not be able to access. There are portions which are pay by post. Certain Group & Forum discussions, are specifically for the paid memberships which are specifically only for Talent or Workplace. I will place a code on the Forum section of the PreRelease Group for the paid membership levels so you can experience them.

      Please Note (2): This is the early stage. I am working on the FAQs, reviewing the needs/wants to be matched correctly, portfolio levels are doing what each level is supposed to do and more with your help I will be able to make the pages, matching and sections more informative and logical from your feedback.

      Please Note (3):
      I am only 1 human. Not a silicone valley of 10-20 programmers or a  VC board. I am not perfect. Just trying to make our industry better & stronger. 

      TO BEGIN:
      In the upper right hand corner an icon of a “Shear”,
      Hover over it and a drop down menu will appear.
      Click on “My Profile“.
      This is where you upload your portfolio profile picture and header, fill in you portfolio profile, Upload Your Images and Videos. The more information on your Portfolio Profile the better matches you will see. You always go to the FAQs under your “Settings” link in your Portfolio Profile drop down.

      Thank you again for Pioneering with the Comb Inc family! And PLEASE send invites to other talent and workplaces you know. It would be really neat to see how you match up to Talent or Workplaces you have worked for or thinking of working for.

      A friendly reminder, everything in this PreRelease is confidential for professionals and workplaces in the Beauty & Grooming Industry. If you can please send my invitation to other Professionals & Workplaces in our industry. The more input I receive – the better we can hone Comb Inc!


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